Merino Wool - Finest in knitwear

What makes merino wool so special?


Wool often has the stereotype of only being good in the cold. You can credit all the wooly sweaters and scarves you wear in winter, but wool truly is a 4 season fiber.

Think of a sheep. When they get a bit chilly, they don’t head to the closet and grab another layer. When they get warm they don’t throw on a cotton t-shirt. They only get one shot at it and Mother Nature has given them the perfect clothing to keep them comfortable year round in all kinds of conditions.

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At Erdaine Knitwear, we are conscious of the impact of our production facility can have on the community surrounding. We manufacture to order to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources, therefore we do not carry any stock. The on-demand production strategy helps us stay on top of trends without being saddled with inventory that went out of vogue, therefore never discarding unsold items.

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Seamless Knitwear

We use a revolutionary SEAMLESS technology where the garment is produced in one piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. A superior alternative to conventional knitting methods, the seamless construction realizes substantial benefits unmatched by any other textile product. 


What's truly amazing about SEAMLESS technology is that it can produce garments in three dimensions. 

SEAMLESS technology is unique to produce complete 3-D knitwear with a tailored fit. It is the only method which allows a complete, three-dimensionally shaped and fitted garment to be worn straight off the machine.

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