At Erdaine Knitwear, we are conscious of the impact our production facility can have on the community surrounding. We manufacture to order to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources. The on-demand production strategy helps us stay on top of trends without being saddled with inventory that went out of vogue, therefore never discarding unsold items.




The seamless knitting technology allows to use only the right quantity of yarn needed for the garment so there is no wasted fabric in the process. Our internal quality system, focused on doing right first time, minimizes the number of defective products, whilst most of the time we can re-wind the yarn. Also as part of our commitment we offer a plastic-free packaging to our online customers. And our workshop is located in British Columbia where 93% of the electric power is produced from clean hydroelectric source.



All our products are made in Canada because we feel it is right. We take great pride in a friendly and fair work environment that is conducive to the production of quality garments. We maintain a high qualified savoir faire in North America,opposing the decline of the textile industry. We appreciate our staff team and acknowledge them as an important part of the business. Moreover, our attention combined with the lasting relationship we built with our suppliers and stockists guarantee the observance with social standards – such as fair wages, safe work conditions and respect of human rights – in the whole fabrication and distribution chain.


Aside from offering sustainable knitwear, Erdaine is dedicated to maintain high levels of ethic. When sourcing yarn suppliers, during manufacturing and anticipating the garment disposal, we act to reduce impact on our environment and be socially responsible.



The fibres we use are - extra-fine merino wool - linen - alpaca - cashmere - pima cotton –  which are completely renewable and biodegradable since they have been naturally issued from the agriculture. 



We acquire yarn from trusted spinners in France and Italy where stringent standards are maintained. Our suppliers comply with the European Union’s regulation on chemicals called REACH, which monitors the use of dyes, making certain the subsequent waste waters are treated and rendered safe before release. Furthermore, the yarn is certified Oeko-Tex 100, a label that ensures no harmful substance is used, making our knitwear safe for your health.