Typically, a knitted garment consists of separate parts, the front and back body panels and the sleeves, which are sewn together afterwards. In sharp contrast, we use a revolutionary SEAMLESS technology where the garment is produced in one piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine. A superior alternative to conventional knitting methods, the seamless construction realizes substantial benefits unmatched by any other textile product.


    Right Way to Knit SEAMLESS Technology

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The seamless knitting technology allows to use only the right quantity of yarn needed for the garment so there is no wasted fabric in the process. Our internal quality system, focused on doing right first time, minimizes the number of defective products, whilst most of the time we can re-wind the yarn. Also as part of our commitment we offer a plastic-free packaging to our online customers. And our workshop is located in British Columbia where 93% of the electric power is produced from clean hydroelectric source.



At Erdaine Knitwear, we are conscious of the impact of our production facility can have on the community surrounding. We manufacture to order to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources, therefore we do not carry any stock. The on-demand production strategy helps us stay on top of trends without being saddled with inventory that went out of vogue, therefore never discarding unsold items.



By eliminating seams, SEAMLESS knitwear provides many benefits for the consumer as well. Bulky and annoying stitches at the shoulders, sides and underarms are gone, offering fit and comfort superior to that of any other textile product. Seams no longer interfere with the natural elasticity of knits, so you can move and stretch more freely.   

SEAMLESS one-piece construction also means that the entire garment boasts the structural integrity of a single piece of fabric, allowing stress to be distributed evenly throughout this uncommonly strong and resilient knitwear.


What's truly amazing about SEAMLESS technology is that it can produce garments in three dimensions. 

SEAMLESS technology is unique to produce complete 3-D knitwear with a tailored fit. It is the only method which allows a complete, three-dimensionally shaped and fitted garment to be worn straight off the machine.